Online NWRD Data Dissemination Tool

▣ About Online NWRD Data Dissemination Tool

On-line Data Dissemination Tool has been developed with the assistance of CEGIS to disseminate existing data from NWRD, ICRD, and other sub-sets of NWRD such as Char Development and Settlement Project (CDSP), Coastal Embankment Rehabilitation Project (CERP) and others to line agencies, Government and private agencies, and registered researchers and students. These data will be required for issuing Project Clearance Certificate or No Objection Certificate, implementing Integrated Water Resources Management (IWRM) process or water sector related study/research. The system can disseminate data following the Data Dissemination Policy of WARPO.

This on-line system has following important modules:
⚀ Registration Module: This module allow users (agencies, researchers and students) to get registration into the system. Users want to be registered, need to fill up a simple sign-up form providing some basic information such as name, designation, organization, email address and purpose of use etc.

⚀ Data Requisition Module: This module help registered user to select data layers from NWRD, ICRD, CDSP or CERP and prepare data requisition. A list of data layers from the databases will be available here.

⚀ Payment Module: This module facilitates user to making payment (on-line/off-line), when the invoice is approved by WARPO. After making payment (off-line) in a respective bank account, information of the payment (transaction number and others) can submitted and scanned copy of the payment related documents can uploaded using this module.

⚀ Report Generation Module: This module assist user (Administrator) to generate different customized reports such as list of organizations purchased data, total amount received from different organization for a particular year, month or any time period, list of data layers requested most etc.

⚀ Administration Module: This module facilitates to Administrator for doing some administrative works. Administrator can add new data layers, update data price and exchange rate, create and manage users and also others administrative works.